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Project Type

Commercial | Main Bank


Chicago, Illinois


New Century Bank, L.L.C.


FitzGerald Associates Architects


Lead Designer/Project Manager

This was the bank’s first facility, and the client emphasized the importance of the building’s contribution to their corporate image throughout the design process. The main lobby and loan offices are on the first floor, with management and executive offices and conference rooms on the second and third floors. The building bridges over the drive-through facilities and connects with the tower at the east end. The tower is the signature element of the building, announcing the bank at the highly visible traffic intersection. The design is influenced by the classically-designed neighborhood bank buildings located throughout Chicago. The two-story piers, decorative metal spandrel panels, entrance canopy, and cornice are borrowed from these buildings, while the use of brick and cast-stone detailing is a response to the numerous loft-type buildings in the area.

3 stories w/ basement
11,000 sf gross building area
Main lobby w/ public tellers and banking areas
Vault/lockbox areas
Commercial banking areas
Administrative areas
Drive-up tellers

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