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Project Type

Multi-Family | Townhomes


Chicago, Illinois


Smithfield Properties, Inc.


Pappageorge Haymes, Ltd.


Lead Designer

The site of a former railroad switching yard in the heart of Chicago’s Bucktown neighborhood was converted into a contemporary townhouse complex. Though gone, the railroad posed a difficult site challenge due to the abutment of an infrequently used railroad line which created a 20-foot rise from one end of the site to the other. This grade change was kept and the existing retaining wall was modified to allow pedestrian access to the courtyards throughout the complex. The site design staggers the homes, creating interest while allowing the opportunity to create landscaped courtyards with gateways to the homes behind. The architecture’s powerful form and massing is expressed through its use of two colors of brick and large vertical black steel cantilevered bays positioned at the block corners

56 4-story townhomes
2br and 3br units
1,380 sf to 14,75 sf size range

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